Multiple SDK problems

Common bugs/problems with the Android SDK the Emulator and the ADT-Plugin.

Multiple SDK problems

Postby jkekoni » Fri Nov 05, 2010 4:26 pm

I am running Windows Vista, (up to date)

Eclipse Version: 3.5.2
Build id: M20100211-1343
(I did not find 3.5.1 from anywhere)

I have added to eclipse.ini

Adt version 0.9.9.v201009221407-60953

C:\Users\admin>java -version
java version "1.6.0_22"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_22-b04)
Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 17.1-b03, mixed mode, sharing)
(However I am not sure which java is used for eclipse/android.)

Am I running some kind of test version, since I see that things are not running
in a way expected for production software. What should I run instead.

A list of problems:

1. DDMS tab.
If there a function that "start server" does apart from getting eclipse stuck?

2. I can start emulator only once. If I run for example snake from Samples,
it will start ok once using
Run >Run as > 2. Android application
Then I unlock screen.
Press Up To Play.
(So far so good.)

I cannot restart problem by reselecting "Run >Run as > 2. Android application ",
but emulator gets stuck.

If I kill emulator with [x] on the upper right corner.

Console will contain line:
[2010-11-05 17:09:50 - DeviceMonitor]Sending jdwp tracking request failed!

Run > Run as >
will not contain "2. Android application" (or other selections, except one that is greyd out)

Same will happen If I use
DDMS bar and press 'stop-sign'.

Also error popup appears some time after:

Problem Occurred
'Android SDK: Resolving error markers' has encountered a problem
Resource '/Jetboy' is not open.

(Jetboy is a __closed__ project in workspace, not related to Snake I am trying to run now.)

"Run" has now lost all its content, except "External application"

I do
File > Restart Application
and select same workspace.

Same error about /Jetboy reappers.

"Run" still has now lost all its content, except "External application"

I kill Eclipse from [x] and restart it.

Same problem appers. I close Snake and kill eclipse and start it again.eclipse.buildId=M20100211-1343
java.vendor=Sun Microsystems Inc.
BootLoader constants: OS=win32, ARCH=x86, WS=win32, NL=fi_FI
Command-line arguments: -os win32 -ws win32 -arch x86

Fri Nov 05 17:19:21 EET 2010
Unable to get nature of project 'Snake'.
I get following stuff a thousen of time to Error log
org.eclipse.core.internal.resources.ResourceException: Resource '/Snake' is not open.
at org.eclipse.core.internal.resources.Project.checkAccessible(
at org.eclipse.core.internal.resources.Project.hasNature(
at Source)
at org.eclipse.ui.internal.decorators.LightweightDecoratorDefinition.decorate(
at org.eclipse.ui.internal.decorators.LightweightDecoratorManager$
at org.eclipse.ui.internal.decorators.LightweightDecoratorManager.decorate(
at org.eclipse.ui.internal.decorators.LightweightDecoratorManager.getDecorations(
at org.eclipse.ui.internal.decorators.DecorationScheduler$1.ensureResultCached(
at org.eclipse.ui.internal.decorators.DecorationScheduler$

I Open Snake. It compiles without errors (!!). Run is still empty.

(This is only AFAIK solved by making a new workspace.)
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Re: Multiple SDK problems

Postby jkekoni » Fri Nov 05, 2010 4:34 pm

Hmm. I seem to have solved some of the problems:

1. If run goes empty, is means that "Resources" instead Of "Java" tab has be activated by something (or by you).
2. If "2. Android ..." goes away from Run > Run as , it means that application must be closed
and opened again.
3. You do not see that an application has started if screen lock is on. And dues to the slow emulator startup speed it is on, when you get things started.
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