mp4 videos editing tips for mac users

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mp4 videos editing tips for mac users

Postby markwonng » Sun May 27, 2012 3:52 pm

Q1: "Does anyone know of a plugin for Final Cut Pro or a stand alone editing application (Mac based) for mp4 - h.264 files? It seems that the standard and most recommended method for working with mp4 HD camera footage (Flip or other consumer HD-camera files) in Final Cut is converting the lossy format to Apple Pro-Res 422 or DVCProHD or other lossless codecs for stable performance and editing. " -- Question from Malcolm J.

Q2:"I have an h.264 mp4 which I'm able to open in Quicktime 7 Pro. I then have a copy of the Play Him Off Keyboard Cat original as an mp4; I can cut and paste the keyboard cat mp4 right into the h.264 mp4. The keyboard cat video in my test isn't h.264, and the video's dimensions are a little bit smaller. I'm sure with two h.264 source files you could cut and paste in Quicktime 7 Pro to do some basic editing on the fly. I don't have the Flip HD camera myself, so I can't test with that, but I've just edited two videos off of the Flip Ultra using Quicktime 7 Pro. It looks like I can do the same thing with Quicktime Player in Snow Leopard as well... using the "Trim" command from the Edit menu."

In fact , there are so many software can be found from google that eagerly offer such kind of tools for mp4 editor mac . But how to choose an easy-to-use but video editing software is not an easy job, so here I would like to recommend one for you. Wondershare mp4 video editor mac , which can create a video with a few simple drag-and-drops and enhance your videos so that they have compelling look. It also supports almost any popular formats such as files in MOV, FLV, VOB, AV, etc.

Just download the edit mp4 mac below and follow the step-by-step tutorial to learn how to edit mp4 on mac . If you are using Windows and want to edit .mp4 mac , you can refer to Video Editor for Windows here.

Step 1: Import MP4 files to .mp4 editor mac

After the installation of the .mp4 video editor mac , you can directly drag and drop the source MP4 files to the program for editing.

Step 2: edit mp4 files mac

In this edit .mp4 files mac , you just need to click the button on the toolbar to trim, crop, rotate videos and add voiceover to your videos.

If you want to make the whole video creation harmonious, you can choose to add scene transitions to all the added files or separately. What’ more, you are able to add graceful melody as the background music for the movie.

Click the gear on one video and choose "Filter", "Titles", etc. to add titles, filter effects, adjust video brightness, saturation, etc. to enhance your video effects.

In Trim window you can freely select the clip you like by dragging the start time and end time sliders surrounded by red circles.

In Crop window there are some numbers. Modifying these numbers is to alter the dimensions of the video. dragging the frame around the video has the same effect.

Step 3: Share edited MP4 video

Click "Output" on the main menu bar, you can convert your MP4 video in other formats and save it on your Mac. Or convert to the format which is playable on iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc. You can also choose to burn them to DVDs if you would like to share them with your families or friends.

These functions provided by MP4 Editor Mac are all to make you create your satisfied MP4 videos. Come on to free download and edit MP4 for mac now.

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