mix video files into one with video mixer

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mix video files into one with video mixer

Postby lindairion » Mon Jul 02, 2012 4:24 am

Problem: I am totally sick of stupid windows live movie maker,and for some reason, original movie maker won't stick because of the live version. Basically,I'm poor and I need a good editing software that can: -Cut, trim, split, and merge videos easily. -NOT lag while working offline/with my own files -give me the ability to put in pictures and video clips in the video(to show them and stuff) , I'm not exactly computer savvy,so I need a program that I can learn, not something I'd be expected to know or figure out on my own by button mashing.I do youtube videos about games and I really need to be able to put screenshots in my videos because,well,it's ridiculous that I have to link to them in the description

iOrgsoft Video Mixer, or Video Merger, is an easy-to-use video mixer software, with it you can free mixa/merge video clips conveniently. It can mix all kinds of videos such as MKV,AVCHD, MOD, AVI, MP4,MOV, MPG and so on, this guide will show you how to combine videos with the Video Mixer.

Guide on how to Mix/Merge videos with video mixer(take merge two videos as an example)

Step 1: Free download the Video Mixer or video merger to your computer, install and run it.

Step 2: Load videos to the Video Mixer.

Click the Add Videos icon to load videos to the software.

Step 3: Drag the videos to Video Area A and B by turns, make sure not to superimpose one file to another.

Step 4: Add transition to merge video files.You can choose one transition provided by the Video Merger from the Transition tab, then drag it to the joint of the two videos. You can change the transition's lasting time by change its size on the timeline. After adding transition, you can preview the whole videos to see the effect.

Step 5 : Save the mix videos. When you are satisfied with the merged videos, click Save and publish button to save the video. You can choose output format, set video effect here, after finish setting, click Next to save the video.

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