Making a real device work with adb on Windows 7

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Making a real device work with adb on Windows 7

Postby » Sat Dec 19, 2009 6:41 pm

After all kinds of wild goose chases, I finally got this to work - and suprised there was not much here or on the web to help...but if you want to get your HTC device to hook up with adb (tethered on 64 bit Windows) then follow these steps:

* Set your phone Applications->Development->Debugging (if you don't do this, you get Device could not be started in Device Manager) - this is a biggie, and has huge side effects if not done

* Hook the phone up via USB and let the Windows 7 install it's placebo drivers

* You can remove them if you want...I did, and in Device Manager pick install Legacy Hardware

* Go to your usb driver *.inf (make sure you have r2) and pick it

* It'll load the drivers, but complain they are not signed

* If you have an issue, then set bcdedit/set testsigning on and reboot to get paste driver signing issues

This will work, only too bad that this is not laid out well in the doc...and not real clear what to do when
Windows picks it's own drivers...
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