Interconnecting Emulators

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Interconnecting Emulators

Postby Genesis » Mon Nov 02, 2009 8:20 pm

Hey. I am new to android and I am trying to connect two emulators in a network. I have read on the android development pages the following:

Interconnecting Emulator Instances
To allow one emulator instance to communicate with another, you must set up the necessary network redirections as illustrated below.

Assume that your environment is

A is you development machine
B is your first emulator instance, running on A
C is your second emulator instance, running on A too
and you want to run a server on B, to which C will connect, here is how you could set it up:

Set up the server on B, listening to<serverPort>
On B's console, set up a redirection from A:localhost:<localPort> to B:<serverPort>
On C, have the client connect to<localPort>
For example, if you wanted to run an HTTP server, you can select <serverPort> as 80 and <localPort> as 8080:

B listens on
On B's console, issue redir add tcp:8080:80
C connects to

I understand the first part but do not know how to redirect ports etc. Would anyone know how this would be possible. If anyone could supply me with an example I would greatly appreciate it.

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