How to trim and convert DVD/VOB files on windows?

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How to trim and convert DVD/VOB files on windows?

Postby lindairion » Fri Sep 28, 2012 5:04 am

"I have some home videos that were on analog tap. I used a stand-alone VHS to DVD recorder to transfer them to DVD. The DVDs are now in a .VOB file extension. The lengths of these DVDs are 1 to 2 hours long. I would like to edit these to a ? hour show, (trim down and divide up into multi scenes. I have Creator 2010. My Question: Can I edit them in a .VOB file format or do I need to convert them to a .MPG format before I can edit/trim/scene them? Is VideoWave the tool I need to use? If you can give some instructions, I’m a Newbe with 2010."

"How do you do trim a vob file? I just want to make short clips out of long vob files (I'm editing old home movies). This seems like it should be so simple, but I've spent hours trying every program I can get my hands on, to no avail. Cinelerra, Kino, Kdenlive, Blender, AviDemux, Open Movie Editor, ManDVD, ffmpeg, you name it I've spent a few hours fussing with it. AviDemux seemed my best hope, but I get no audio. (My audio output, in Preferences, is set to "dummy" and it gives me no other options.)

Joining clips would be nice, too, but isn't necessary, since I gather that vobs can be joined simply by "cat vob1.vob vob2.vob > finalvob.vob". Which is part of why it's unbelievable to me that the splitting part is turning out to be so difficult. Ideas"

As an easy vob editor software, iOrgsoft Video Editor can provide following editing functions: Merge VOB files. With this vob video editor ,you can merge smaller VOB files to a long folder with no quality loss.Adjust effect such as contrast, saturation, brightness and add special effect to VOB files.

Step 1: Free download and install it

Step 2: Load VOB files to the Editor
Hit Add video icon to load VOB files. You can edit vob files now.
url=]edit vob[/url] files: Click Setting button, here you can adjust effect such as color, special effect by clicking Video and Effect, and crop VOB files at will, set audio in and out.
Crop VOB files: you can crop VOB files just like cut screen to edit .vob files on computer.

Step 3: Save VOB files
After finish editing vob files, click Save and publish button to save VOB files. You need to choose output format from the Profile option and set an output path to save the converted file,then click Next button to convert VOB files.

What is VOB?

VOB is the extension of the files contained in DVD-Video media. All DVD movies are stored in VOB files on DVDs. VOB file contains video, audio, subtitle and menu in stream form. VOB files are very similar. One may just change .vob extension to .mpeg and it will be readable and most MPEG players will support it.

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