How to simulate an incoming SMS

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How to simulate an incoming SMS

Postby kaliber » Sat Dec 25, 2010 11:17 am

Hello everibodi
I'im new here, here's my 1st question...! :D

My problem follows:
In my Android Phone I have a specific email account listening for incoming emails.
I would build an app that listens signals of new emails.
After that, I have to be able getting content of email message and simulate a new SMS whose content is the content of the incoming email.

In other words: I need to move an email message into my SMS inbox folder (and mark it as unread possibly).

Precondition: I deal only plain/text emails (not HTML emails!).

Can you help me? Can you post me a tutorial link?

Thanks in advance.
Merry Xmas! ;)

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