how to read the sys_call_table address

Common bugs/problems with the Android SDK the Emulator and the ADT-Plugin.

how to read the sys_call_table address

Postby catamitus » Wed Nov 02, 2011 2:40 pm

hey! :)

currently I'm doing a project for my study course, in which I've to unterstand and write a android rootkit.
I'm studying it-security - so we have also to know the dark side of the force... 8)

therefore I downloaded the latest sourcecode!
now I'am looking for the adress which is associated with sys_call_table!

I already managed it, to read this adress from a running system, but I didn't find it in the sources... :cry:

is there a possibility to read this adress directly from the sources? :?

thank you very much in advance for your time!
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