how to lock a usb drive on windows

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how to lock a usb drive on windows

Postby csdjohnson2 » Wed Nov 21, 2012 9:34 am

"How to lock usbport?
I've windows xp desktop and I want to lock usb drive. My brother uses card reader, mobile phone, etc and because of this most of times my computer suffers from virus. So can you people help me to get out from this problem? Is there any free usb locker software where I can download from internet and use it? or any method?"

According to a survey the easiest and most direct way to guard data security in a USB disk is to lock USB drives?with a password which ensures your data is untouched even you lost your disk effectively. USB lockers are not hard to find and please be cautious when you are selecting a USB lock software to?lock your USB?drive.

USB security?is a specially designed one stop solution for USB drive security issues. It is an easy-to -use and user-friendly?USB flash locker?and even a computer novice can handle it. The theory to?[url=how to lock usb drive]lock USB[/url][/b]?drives for USB Security is the adopting of the most advanced 256-bit on-the-fly encryption technology, hence your files are locked and protected free from any illegal access.

Step 1 Download the program.
Download USB Security and install it to you computer the first. Please make sure you get the newest version.

Step 2 Select a drive to install.
Before you really starting to lock USB flash drives, pleas pug in your USB disk to a computer with Windows 7, Windows 8/Windows XP or other Windows operation system.

Step 3 Set your password to lock USB drive.
Open the disk you'd like to lock and then run "USBSecurity.exe" program in the disk. In the popped-up window, in put your password and then re-enter it to confirm.

unlock your USB flash drive

Under the protection of USB Security, to unlock a USB flash drive is easy and simple.
Firstly, plug your USB disk into a computer, then open the disk, and run the "USBSecurity.exe" program in it. In the prompt window enter your password.
Then you can select to unprotected the disk completely which means you remove the protection of USB Security totally and if you want to recover the state of being locked you have to set a password for it again with the program next time.

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