How to get proper uri of android contact in android 2.1 sdk

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How to get proper uri of android contact in android 2.1 sdk

Postby rishabh » Thu Mar 18, 2010 9:37 am

I have written an application and added 2 contacts on emulator, but i am not able to update their names on android 2.1, code is working on android 1.6 platform with the following code.

ContentValues contactValues = new ContentValues();
contactValues.put(Contacts.People.NAME, firstName+" "+lastName);
getContentResolver().update(UpdateContactUri, contactValues, null,
In android 1.6 i am getting Uri for those two contacts are "content:// contacts/people/1" and "content://contacts/people/2".

but in 2.1 I am getting these values are "content://contacts/people/8" and "content://contacts/people/9" and while updating its giving "java.IllegalArgumentException, Empty values" exception.

When i tried to put a static Uri like "content://contacts/people/1", code was debugged sucessfully but contact was not updated.

How can i resolve it, why i am not getting uri like 1.6 platform ?

Thanks in advance...
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