how to encrypt a usb drive with a password

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how to encrypt a usb drive with a password

Postby csdjohnson2 » Mon Nov 19, 2012 10:12 am

How to encrypt USB based Wireless modem ?
I just installed a USB based wireless network . i tried everything to encrypt it because ppl are connecting to the network and its causing my internet speed to drop ... i only enabled IEEE 802.1x authentication but its obviously not doing any good ... ny ideas on how encrypt it ??
I also tried to go router manegment interface and tried to check the setting of the ISP connections but encryption was showing ... any ideas ?

USB encryption[/b] means adopting reliable and effective ways to encrypt USB drives[/b]. There are so many potential threats in the Internet world so that it is wise to encrypt your USB flash drive before a malware or bad guy really breach into your data. People can realize USB drive encryption[/b] in a variety of ways, from which encrypting a flash disk with a reliable software is exactly what you need. USB Security[/b] is a professional and powerful USB encryption software[/b] designed exclusively for USB security problems

Step 1 Download the program and select a drive to encrypt.
If you wish to encrypt USB flash drive with USB Security, you are requested to plug in you USB drive disk to a computer and download the software here.

Next select a destination drive disk you want to encrypt in the drive list. Then move your mouse pointer to "Install" and check it to finish installing the program in this disk.(Images as below)

Step 2 Set a password for flash drive encryption and encrypt USB drive.
Open the disk you wish to encrypt first, and then run "USBSecurity.exe" program and enter your password details in the blank box, then you are required to confirm your password.

As long as you've finished the 2 simple steps about encrypting a USB flash drive with USB Security. Here are some tips about USB drive encryption which may save you a lot of trifle and make your USB more secure.


To make sure your USB flash drive disk with confidential data is safe you'd better do not put it in an unsafe place, like a public area or in the sight of distrust people. Basically it is useful for the protection of the disk itself and then using USB drive encryption software like USB Security to guard the content of the disk will ensure your data security further. ... 2&t=412813 ... 679#895679
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