how to converting avi video to mp3 format on mac os

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how to converting avi video to mp3 format on mac os

Postby markwonng » Sun Nov 18, 2012 4:32 pm

"Mp3 to avi converting? i have a video that is in mp3, but i need it to be in avi to use it for a project. what's an online converter i can use to do that? if there isn't one online, what is something that works that i can download for free?"

"Convert .avi to .mp3? I recorded myself playing Blumenlied on the piano using a video camera. Is there a way to convert it into a mp3 file so that the video part is excluded?"

We may found great background audio from some videos and want to replay them anytime as you like. You need assistance of audio converter tool to extract the audio out from the video. Here we recomend a powerful audio converter tool for mac users - Aiseesoft MP3 Converter for Mac, it not only convert avi to mp3 for mac, also supports to convert nearly all the popular format videos to mp3, wma, ogg etc audio. Follow the detailed guide below to convert avi to mp3 for Macformat with ease now.

Step 1. Load AVI files to programe

You can easily load videos and audios files just by the "Addd video" button.

Step 2. select the output file formats and destination folder

Step 3. Audio/Video editing

This MP3 converter for mac also own powerful edting functions for you to trim, combine you audio and video files. you can Choose subtitle and audio track or none of them for your output file

Step4: Start the AVI to MP3 conversion on Mac

Start to extract avi to mp3 format just by click the "Convert" button. And you can get the mp3 audio you needed only a moment later.

Extended reading: what is a mp3 file? MP3 is an audio file format, it actually is a compression format, that allows for audio files to be compressed into a smaller file size using a specific fractal-based algorithm, similar to those used to compress images into the JPG format. As with any type of compression is does generally degrade the files sound quality, but the quality is not easily discernable, especially with an untrained ear. ... 19606.html ... liao#26887
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