How to convert iTunes to Xbox 360 for playing

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How to convert iTunes to Xbox 360 for playing

Postby broster73 » Fri Jan 06, 2012 8:49 am

How to convert iTunes to Xbox 360 for playing

Watch iTunes movies on your Xbox 360, but some people have failure, we purchase videos form iTunes is M4V video format, Xbox 360 support WMV video format, not support M4V video format, iTunes movies have DRM protection, only Apple device can play iTunes videos, if we want to play iTunes M4V movies on Xbox 360, we need to remove DRM protection and convert M4V to WMV for Xbox 360.

Here is a easy way to play iTunes movies on Xbox 360.

Software you may need:
iSkysoft DRM Removal ( for Windows user )
Aiseesoft M4V Converter for Mac ( for Mac user )

Step 1: Run the iTunes to Xbox 360 Video Converter, and load iTunes videos into it by click “Add Video”.

Step 2: Click “Video files to” choose “Game Hardware – Xbox 360″ profiles. As this profile, you can get the friendly video format for Xbox 360.


If you need, you can click”setings” to change”Zoom” as “Full Screen”, “16:9″, “4:3″, etc to meet different size screen. With this profile, you can watch Xbox 360 with high quality.


Step 3: Click”OK” to save your settings and retune main interface, click “Convert” button to convert iTunes M4V to Xbox 360 WMV video format, when it finished, you can transfer WMV videos to Xbox 360 for watching.

Source: How to play iTunes M4V movies on Xbox 360 for watching

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Re: How to convert iTunes to Xbox 360 for playing

Postby forrest5678 » Mon Jan 09, 2012 5:12 pm

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Re: How to convert iTunes to Xbox 360 for playing

Postby maykv6 » Mon Mar 19, 2012 12:39 pm

A nice and detailed tutorial!
I love to watch iTune movies and I'm a movie lover, so I often convert video to FLV for sharing video on blog.
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