How to convert AVCHD to MOV format on mac os?

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How to convert AVCHD to MOV format on mac os?

Postby markwonng » Sat May 04, 2013 3:32 pm

"With the wife and I recently having welcomed our first daugther our photo/home video usage has shot up through the roof In the past I'd happily chuck all my photos into iPhoto and all was good, for video it was only the occasional clip so I'd just import via iMovie. Now with the little one around we are getting multiple videos each day and its becoming a nightmare to manage so I just want some help or pointers if thats OK?

I currently have a Sony NEX-5N which is recording AVCHD at 50i. Before iPhoto was updated to support AVCHD to mov converting on mac I was importing my videos into iMovie then exporting them as MP4 for my AppleTV and for my folks to have. But since iPhoto was updated I let it import into that.

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But when I go to iMovie under the iPhoto videos in the event browser I cant see any of these new AVCHD imported videos and no way to refresh the imovie browser."

"I've got a canon HF100 (I think that's correct) it's an AVCHD to mov mac. I'm curious what system people use for storage and archival of the video. When I download the video, I get huge .mov files. I'd prefer to be able to download and edit the raw video content and perhaps convert any finished product I make into mp4, mp2 etc. But I do want to keep my original stuff after perhaps editing out useless stuff (left the camcorder recording while it was sitting on the table etc.) Something similar to what I do in lightroom where I keep the raw images and export to jpg when I'm satisfied.

Can someone recommend a video editing (and perhaps organizing). I saw Adobe had a pro package for $800 but that's a bit steep. I don't need anything sophisticated. I'm not even dissatisfied with iMovie's features other than it's system of download and storage."

To make 720p AVCHD Lite video files work well with iMovie, Brorsoft MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac is recommended to you, which works as the best Panasonic Lumix AVCHD to mov converter for mac. It helps you transcode AVCHD to mov format compatible formats like AIC MOV. No matter what version of iMovie you are in use, and what Mac system you are working on, it will assist you to convert avchd to mov for mac for editing smoothly. Plus, it also supports converting 1080p AVCHD MTS/M2TS files to FCP, iMovie, Avid Media Composer, FCE, etc to meet your different needs.

Import AVCHD M2TS MTS files to avchd to mov converter.

Click "Add Video" button to add AVCHD M2TS MTS videos. You can also use the "File" menu or drag the videos into the interface of the software directly. The added videos will be listed in the file list.

Set the output format as MOV.

From the first drop-down list beside "Profile", you can select the main category for the output format. From the second drop-down list you can find the specific format you want.

Click "Browse" button to specify the destination folder. "Open Folder" button can help you to open the destination folder.

Click "Convert" button to start converting.

Click "Convert" button to start converting AVCHD to MOV format. The software will show you the converting interface from which time-saving options are provided.

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