How do the android.speech package classes work?

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How do the android.speech package classes work?

Postby vincenzo83-android » Sun Mar 11, 2012 1:32 pm

In the android.speech package there are some classes for speech recognition. I read this article and I created a simple application that send an Intent in order to start a speech recognition activity: in this way I created an example of speech recognition application and I only used RecognizerIntent constants.

Inside the android.speech package there are also other classes: why? What are their roles?

For example, the RecognitionService class is the base class for recognition service implementations, so if I wish to implement a new speech recognizer, then it should extend this class. In this case, what does it mean? Should I use this class if I would implement a new speech recognizer engine without using Google's Voice Recognition engine?

And what about the SpeechRecognizer class?
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