generate Intent and location.setSpeed() via emulator?

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generate Intent and location.setSpeed() via emulator?

Postby AndroidBorkCreature » Mon Feb 18, 2008 4:12 pm

Hey everyone,

I want to create a location-aware app. While the app is running I want to change the speed, by which user and device are moving, by invoking android.location.Location.setSpeed(float speed). So the app could realize that the user is in a car...

By the way is there any kind of location listener, that sends a global intent, that location or speed has changed?

is it possible to send such intents via the adb-tool?
Or should I rather programm my own test programm that runs, while the context aware app is running and generates these intents for me? How can I switch from one app to another work in android?

I owe you guys something. This forum helped me a lot!! :D
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