Encrypt USB Drives with best usb encryption software

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Encrypt USB Drives with best usb encryption software

Postby csdjohnson2 » Sun Jan 06, 2013 2:59 am

"Wotcher all, anyone know of a USB key that does fingerprint recognition and data encryption in hardware? I've seen some that do fingerprint recognition in hardware and need a fingerprint to gain access, but not that actually encrypt as well. Given the relative ease of getting inside a key and removing the memory to fit to another key, I'm not keen on just access control rather than encryption."

"A VERY expensive kakasoft was stollen from work. the computer was running when it was removed. I need to find the date and time it was removed. I awesome that there is a recored somewhere that has this information. How can I access it?"

With the increasing need for the exchange of a sea of information people are now pursuing a faster and stable way to store and transit their information, so that USB flash drives step into people’s life. While when putting sensitive data in a USB flash drive you have to consider about the kakasoft issues.

Kakasoft USB Security is a professional and powerful kakasoft designed exclusively for kakasoft problems. Here are the detailed steps about how to kakasoft offical for windows 7/ windows 8 and windows XP.

Step 1 Download the program and select a drive to encrypt.

Step 2 Set a password for flash drive encryption and kakasoft offical.

Next, you can enter a password hint to help you remember your password in case you forget it when you need to access to the disk.

Then click on “Protect” button to realize copy protect of your USB drive disk. (Images as below)

We cannot assure that we'll never suffer the incidents about lost USB drives in our life, but being prepared and kakasoft online in advance can help prevent our confidential data from being vulnerable. Hope that with all these top free encryption software, everyone will be no longer to worry about data exposure even if USB drive is misplaced, lost or stolen.
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