emulator is extremely slow

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emulator is extremely slow

Postby bqbqhahabq » Fri Dec 04, 2009 2:58 am

hi everyone.

Thank you for reading my question.

Why android emulator is so so so too too too slow !?!?!

My system is 2GB SDram and 3.0 Ghz CPU.
However simulator is so too too so slow.

Time spent in emulator is more than half time of developing time.
Emulator seems to take more time than real android phone.

This is too big problem, but google seems to have not enough technology for solve this problem.
Is this real level of google ??
Oh........... .. . . . . ... this is ..not good..

ps. whenever I unlock android simulator, there is always message like this : Application xxxx is not responding. <Force Quit> <close> , usually 3 times after unlock emulator. How can I solve this problem?

--- solved! emulator is fast now! ----
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