Edit MPEG files using best video editing software

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Edit MPEG files using best video editing software

Postby lindairion » Fri Aug 24, 2012 4:41 am

"It often arises that I have to edit MPEG files. This is a fairly difficult process in general but I have discovered a way to do it in QuickTime Player Pro. MPEG files are generated by EyeTV, ReplayTV, TiVo, and other TV capture devices. In general, when I want to edit one, I'm not so much interested in doing anything especially fancy. I just want to clip out the adverts and make a VideoCD or one of the related formats such as SVCD or CVD. There isn't a good MPEG editor available for the Mac yet, but with a little trickery you can get QuickTime Player Pro to perform this work for you. There is a GOP (Group-of-pictures) editor called GopChop that runs under X11, but I haven't managed to invest the time to get it going yet, although the developer's mailing list for it has been more than helpful. "

if you ever edited MPG files with mpg editor, you may find sometime the sound track lose or some other problems occur while editing MPG files. Do not worry, iOrgsoft mpeg editor can solve such problems easily. The guide below will show you how to edit mpg.

Guide on how to edit mpg Videos

Step 1. Free download mpeg video editor on your computer, install and run it.

Step 2. Load MPG files. Simply click Add Videos to load MPG files, then drag them to the Video area on the Timeline edit mpeg, click the preview button, now you can edit the .mpg videos.

Step 3. Output parameter setting. When the edition above are finished how to edit mpeg, click Save and publish to set output parameters such as output formats, output path, video and audio parameters before save the video.
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