Edge during the fifth generation

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Edge during the fifth generation

Postby vanshva654 » Tue Oct 22, 2013 7:37 am

Edge during the fifth generation

Watch Kill Your Darlings Online For those virtual drivers out there who have started growing weary of all the latest and greatest advancements in racing technology, there’s good news coming from the folks at Codemasters. Starting today, players can get their hands on a special 1990’s car pack and a “Classic Tracks” pack for F1 2013 giving everyone a chance to race like it were the good old days.

Watch All is Lost Online These new cars and two new classic circuits were previously only available in the F1 2013 Classic Edition of the game. Now owners of the vanilla version of F1 2013 can enjoy those special cars and tracks, so long as they’re willing to part with an added fee, of course. They’re available today via Xbox Live, the PlayStation Network and Steam for 10 bucks a pop.

Watch Insidious 2 Online First up is the 1990’s car pack which, as I was just saying, weight in at $10 for six cars. Included in this bundle are the Ferrari F92 A and Williams FW14B from 1992, the Ferrari F310 and Williams FW18 from 1996 and the Ferrari F399 and Williams FW21 from 1999. The track pack will set you back another 10 spot, this one including two new courses: Imola (former host of the San Marino Grand Prix) and Estoril (former home of the Portuguese Grand Prix).

Watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 Online But when it comes to cars, who in their right mind wants to buy before they see the thing in action? Above, you’ll find the new F1 2013 trailer for the car pack and, below, you’ll get to see those new tracks. A new promotional video from Sony features three minutes of celebratory images basking in the warm glow of game culture. The video is a faux panoramic shot of a gamer's life starting with his early experience with the PSX all the way up to the new-generation of entertainment offered by the PlayStation 4.

Watch Insidious Chapter 2 Online Sony has done a wonderful job of diving head first into the angry mob of fanboys by actually doing everything imaginable to appeal and appease the seemingly irascible crowd of testosterone driven, rage-filled pubescents and pre-mid-life man-children. However, all the mudslinging and the game-killing that Sony has been doing at the expense of Microsoft and their goofy fanboy followers, Sony dialed it back a bit and eased into the competitive territory with something more lighthearted and this video was a perfect example of that.

Watch Cloudy 2 Online We'll eventually find out whether EA has a multiplatform agenda on their mind come 2014, and given their penchant for greed I tend to doubt they would pass up the massive PS4 install base for loyalty. Investors don't care about loyalty, they would pimp out their own mother for a few dollar, dollar bills.

The focus group tested and marketing approved video that contains a minute of buzzwords, typical music from a sellout artist and enough action without context to make even diehard core gamers grimace with chagrin, is almost an all new low... almost. The comments for the video range from hilarious to downright gut-bustingly funny, we have Paul from Facebook saying.F1 2013 is getting ready to party like it’s the 1990’s as the development team gears up to unleash cars and classic circuits from that venerable decade known for gritty cop dramas, movies about natural disasters and heaps of boy bands... even though a lot of those things are still relevant, even today. The video doesn't really bombard us with awesome games from the PlayStation brand the way we might have thought, but it does roll out all sorts of references and images related to Sony's console software. Still, we get to see glimpses of Gran Turismo and Tekken, arguably two of the biggest software brands to help put the PlayStation on the map and played pivotal roles in helping Sony establish a competitive edge during the fifth generation of console gaming. Rather than sending the ghost with the most to The Aloha State, instead a new adventure is being planned. Seth Grahame-Smith, who worked with Burton on the critically-scorned Dark Shadows and wrote the books "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" and "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies," penned the screenplay for the project, though at this time no plot details are available. The best news we've heard about the sequel so far is that Keaton is expected to return in the title role (why would you bother making the movie otherwise?).
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