eclipse will not compile

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eclipse will not compile

Postby jaco » Wed Nov 28, 2012 1:36 am

Hi, I have been writing some android programs, some of which I published on Google. However I have been experiencing quirky behavior from Eclipse, or maybe it's the SDK or something else.

Sometimes my program will run fine within eclipse and on my phone (HTC One S) as the test device not the emulator, I make a small change and it won't compile anymore. Only solution is to start from fresh with a new package name, copy the java code in and at every step of the way make sure it compiles and runs. I have re-built I don't know how many programs this way.

I have tried downloading and re-installing eclipse and java. Has anyone experienced this type of problem? I know I am not being very specific but the is no obvious error messages, just the general "your program has errors, please fix...."


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