Eclipse error says: Unparsed aapt error!

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Eclipse error says: Unparsed aapt error!

Postby gcbenji0 » Tue Nov 30, 2010 10:52 pm

Since Android apps are written in Java and I've done Java for years I've decided to try my hand at writing an app or two.
I'm trying to get Hello World running off the online tutorial. ... world.html
I've done everything but I suspect that this tutorial has neglected to inform me of something I need to do.
I'm running Mac OSX tiger and I only using the latest versions of Android (2.2) - I don't know if that matters.

Here's my code:
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package com.example.helloandroid;

import android.os.Bundle;
import android.widget.TextView;

public class HelloAndroid extends Activity {
   /** Called when the activity is first created. */
   public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
      TextView tv = new TextView(this);
      tv.setText("Hello, Android");

Here's a what eclipse is saying in the problems window:

Unparsed aapt error(s)! Check the console for output. HelloAndroid line 1 Android ADT Problem

And here's the console output:
[2010-11-30 16:19:11 - HelloAndroid] 'aapt' error. Pre Compiler Build aborted.
[2010-11-30 16:24:11 - HelloAndroid] Refreshing resource folders.
[2010-11-30 16:24:11 - HelloAndroid] Starting incremental Pre Compiler: Checking resource changes.
[2010-11-30 16:24:11 - HelloAndroid] Preparing generated java files for update/creation.
[2010-11-30 16:24:11 - HelloAndroid] /Users/jonathonbillingsley/Desktop/android-sdk-mac_x86/platforms/android-8/tools/aapt package -m -v -J /Users/jonathonbillingsley/Desktop/android/HelloAndroid/gen -M /Users/jonathonbillingsley/Desktop/android/HelloAndroid/AndroidManifest.xml -S /Users/jonathonbillingsley/Desktop/android/HelloAndroid/res -I /Users/jonathonbillingsley/Desktop/android-sdk-mac_x86/platforms/android-8/android.jar
[2010-11-30 16:24:11 - HelloAndroid] dyld: Symbol not found: _open$UNIX2003
[2010-11-30 16:24:11 - HelloAndroid] Referenced from: /Users/jonathonbillingsley/Desktop/android-sdk-mac_x86/platforms/android-8/tools/aapt
[2010-11-30 16:24:11 - HelloAndroid] Expected in: /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib
[2010-11-30 16:24:11 - HelloAndroid]
[2010-11-30 16:24:11 - HelloAndroid] 'aapt' error. Pre Compiler Build aborted.

I already have a working sudoku solver (with an applet interface) And it's not just your run on the mill backtracking solver that any CS student can write. It's smarter than that by far. I could just apply the android interface to that and there's my first app. If only I could get hello world working.
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Re: Eclipse error says: Unparsed aapt error!

Postby codeHAMMER » Thu Dec 23, 2010 9:37 pm

I hope you found an answer to this by now. But if you haven't I am pretty sure this is the same error on windows systems. Go to the error window, delete the error. All the red x's should disappear. Go to your java class file and edit it in some way just so you can save it. Add a line/remove a line doesn't matter. Then try to compile. It should work. The issue is when you edit an XML file and save it. If you edit a java file and save it after the XML file it should compile just fine. I had to dig to find the work around, a while back. Hope this helps.
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