Eclipse doesn't see AVD?

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Eclipse doesn't see AVD?

Postby Anodyne » Mon Jul 26, 2010 5:41 pm

Alright, I wanted to give another shot at getting into Android development, but I seem to have run into the same problem I did before. Forgive me if I say something incredibly stupid, I know very little about this process since I've never been able to get past this point.

While I am able to create an AVD via Eclipse, the program doesn't seem to recognize it once it is ran. When I click to run my test app it will launch to AVD without any errors, but it never says anything about installing the .apk in the console. Also, if I open up the Device Chooser while I have the AVD up, it is not listed in the "Running Devices" section.

I've had this problem both times I have tried getting into this, through many re-installs of everything related to it, many versions of Java and Eclipse, and even when I tested it on somebody elses computer just the other day. This leads me to believe that, while I've followed multiple tutorials to the letter to get things working, I must be doing something small and trivial seeming wrong that is just completely screwing me over.

I have a great interest in this, but after a truly ridiculous amount of hours spent re-installing things and searching for solutions it is hard to keep motivated. Any help at all is greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.

EDIT : : As many would assume from hearing the problem, it does seem to be related to the ADB itself, even if it doesn't return any errors or anything. The ADB usually doesn't see the virtual device at all, so it never installs the .apk. It did, via command line, work once earlier but it refuses to again.

EDIT : : I seem to have gotten it working to some extent, but for some reason I need to kill and restart the ADB server each time I want to build, and sometimes it will still randomly not work. While this isn't the end of the world, since I can now at least work on something, if somebody knows how to solve the inconvenience that would be great.
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