easy way for editing mkv video files with mkv video editor o

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easy way for editing mkv video files with mkv video editor o

Postby lindairion » Wed Jul 25, 2012 7:54 am

I’m quoting ChristianHJW from the Matroska team:
“VirtualdubMod is more or less abandoned, even if there has been a bug fix release lately. As Virtualdub and VirtualdubMod are based on the old, outdated VFW (Video for Windows) mediaframework from M$, it can not work as a basis for a MKV editor (no support for VBR/VFR/etc.).
It is therefore not recommended to create or edit MKV files with VDM, the tool of choice is mkvtoolnix from http://mkvtoolnix.matroska.org , or better mkvmerge and the GUI mmg.exe."
His post was in 2005, so it’s possible things have changed since.
If you go to http://www.matroska.org/downloads/windows.html and scroll about half-way down the page you’ll find a list of editors.
BTW, you won’t be able to edit the file if you’re not able to play it in the first place. Make sure you have the proper filters and/or codecs for that (also listed on that same page). If you’re wondering what codec your mkv file is in, use videoinspector.
mkv editor is high-efficient software to edit mkv files. It allows you to clip, crop, merge videos, add text, image, background music, special effect to MKV files. Free download the mkv video editor below and follow this guide to edit mkv files.

Step 1: Import MKV file

Run the program and click Add Videos icon to import MKV files, they will appear on the user's album.

Step 2: edit .mkv file

Add transition: Drag the transition provided to the joint of two videos in Video area A and B, then hit Preview movie to preview the effect of the edited video.

Add text: Drag the selected text to the text area on the timeline, double click it then you can input words. You also can change the appearing and lasting time in the video just like change that of image.

Step 3: Save edited MKV file

After finish editing, hit Save and publish to set output format (if you want to save the file as other formats such as MP4

What is MKV?
MKV is one of the file types of Matroska multimedia container. While other multimedia containers like AVI, VOB, MPEG and RM, which had been developed for a long time or not open, MKV is an open free container formats to hold numbers of video, audio, subtitles for better effect. For example, AVI was developed in early 1990s, but it does not support variable bit rate or variable frame rate for smaller file size and better animation quality.

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