DDMS showing processes differently depending on mode

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DDMS showing processes differently depending on mode

Postby mathias.lin » Tue May 18, 2010 8:02 am

I'm having some trouble with the DDMS identifying the processes and 'making' them ddm-aware:

The DDMS shows different outputs of the processes depending whether I run DDMS from within Eclipse or standalone (ddms.bat) from the SDK tools.
The DDMS sometimes doesn't get the process (i.e. of my app that I want to debug) but only display the process name with '?' in the process list but it's not ddm-aware and no threads or v heap are therefore shown.

In my app manifest I have debuggable set to true, but it's not only my app where I experience this issue.

For testing purposes I am running two DDMS, both from within Eclipse and standalone. Please see the screenshot attached. As you can see, the logcat in both DDMS is exactly the same, just the processes are identified differently. Although all process id's are identical in both DDMS, the standalone shows the process name like com.cooliris.media, while Eclipse only shows ?

How can I bind my process to a DDMS and make it 'DDM-aware' ? I shouldn't need to do that manually I suppose, but obviously DDMS doesn't always get the processes properly? Or where's my mistake here?

Another question: in the google dev list it was recommended not to run two DDMS at the same time? Why is that technically? Isn't DDMS just a dumb plain listening to the VM port?
DDMS in both Eclipse and standalone mode
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