DDMS : process memory && adb shell top process memo

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DDMS : process memory && adb shell top process memo

Postby StaryLiu » Mon Dec 28, 2009 8:16 am

Hi all :

I 've met sth. problem about getting the process memory .

As we know , we can get the process memory via DDMS,

however when I get the particular memory figure via "adb shell top"

i got the number not the same as DDMS shown to me .

I can't make clear about it why these two ways get the different results.

I looked for sth. about the linux OS to get the process information .

fortunatlly , I knowed the linux proc file system shown the some of the system information

We can got the process information via "/system/bin/cat", "/proc/" + pid + "/status" by Java code.

But I want to know how to get the assign information via terminal commands.

I try to mount the proc , but i failed , it always show the message " Device or resource busy"

I don't know how to resolve it

All above .

Pls Forgive my poor English !!!

Any help would be great !!

Thanks in advance!
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