DDMS issues - only accepts one point

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DDMS issues - only accepts one point

Postby nick_wa » Wed Mar 24, 2010 2:03 am

Working on our final 4th year University project which is a real time traffic analysis and reporting GPS application. Of course, for testing purposes I need to use DDMS with some GPX files I created that I know work. When we started the application ~1.5 months ago I was able to use DDMS no problem and get the application mapView to update with the current location (as specified in the GPX file). This is very useful when using proximity alerts as I send updates to a server at specific times according to location.

However, with our current application (and even when I tested with an old version I know worked with DDMS and GPX files), I can only send 1 lat/long coordinate in (phone will update screen to reflect movement) but if I try and send more the phone does not recognize them or respond to them. Similarily, if I load a GPX file and play it, the phone will respond to the first point in the file and thats it. After this, I also have to restart Eclipse and the Emulator to be able to retest otherwise it wont even accept the first point.

I know the application is working because we loaded it on an actual phone and used it in a vehicle travelling and it worked as it should and as expected. This is just a bit of a pain as we only have one phone and cant go out and drive every time I make a change in Eclipse.

In any case, Im just wondering what this issue could be related to as it is just all of a sudden. Worked fine before and now using the same GPX files, barely works. I didnt use it for about 3 weeks in between it working and not working but didn't play with any setting (I dont think) and like I say, works fine on an actual device.

ANY help is greatly appreciated!
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