Creating Android Project at runtime

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Creating Android Project at runtime

Postby XSDS » Tue Dec 06, 2011 4:19 pm


I hope I'm right in here with my subject.
I'm trying to create an android project at runtime(Not with the wizard and not through command line). But it's a bit hard to do that without documenation.
The only docs I've found was on ... se.adt.htm
And I already spent a lot of time searching for documenation. I think i can do it with the adt plugin but im not sure how...
The things that the android project still needs is a properties file, its manifest and all that android related resources/folder such as, layout folder etc...

My question here now is if there is any better documentation that on java2s or if you know a class that adds that stuff into an java project wichs natureid is also set to the android nature id.

I hope anybody here could help me a bit that I can get further

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