Creating a "Ready to play" version with .bat files

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Creating a "Ready to play" version with .bat files

Postby matriax » Fri Apr 25, 2008 8:26 pm


I create 2 .bat files, One for execute the emulator with the favourite skin, and other .bat with "adb install spacebugs.apk".

I have all this packed in .rar of 75mb with the SDK of android.

And you simple need to download, click in the "emulator.bat" and after click in the "install_game.bat" and you are ready with 2 cliks to play the game in android without need to put console commands, or download the SDK, this is make to the people want play the game or anything, but not know nothing of console, android, etc...

The question is, ¿Any problem with the license of android or anything to make a package with the sdk+game ?

Thanks in advance.
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