convert youtube flv video to mov foramts on mac os

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convert youtube flv video to mov foramts on mac os

Postby markwonng » Fri Mar 15, 2013 4:09 pm

"I've been searching everywhere on how to do this. Alot of people have suggested programs but they have obviously not used them themselves because they dont let you convert until buying it. I only need to do this once so I dont want to buy one.

Does anyone know for sure on how to do this? Please dont suggest programs you have not used yourself to test if it actually works."

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"Want to convert flv videos to mov format on macbook, someone can tell me how to do it ?

i have some funny flv videos from video sharing websites,i want to know how to convert these flv videos to mov format for playing them in quicktime...who can tell me."

To convert FLV to MOV formats, you need to download a converter software, here we recommend you Free FLV to mov video Converter. This soft is totally free but have powerful function. Following we will use this soft to show you how to convert FLV to MOV video step by step.

Step 2: Add FLV videos

Now run Free FLV Video Converter and click the big button "Add File" to add videos from your hard disk to convert to MOV video format.

Step 3: Edit & merge videos: trim, crop, add effect, add watermark

Step 4: Set the output to MOV video format

Change the output settings to MOV format to convert.

Step 5: Start converting FLV to MOV on mac

Click on “Start” to convert FLV to MOV for mac. Batch conversions are accepted.

What is FLV format?

First of all, we must make it clear that the YouTube videos and Google videos are FLV file format. FLV standing for Flash Live Video file is a preferred file format that is designed for web playback, offering high rates of compression to deliver video over the internet using Abobe Flash Player. FLV content cannot be played back directly. It must be embedded in a SWF file. You create (or download) a "container" SWF file from which to play the FLV file.

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