Convert TiVo to MP4 for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 playing

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Convert TiVo to MP4 for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 playing

Postby Etan520 » Mon May 21, 2012 8:07 am

Convert TiVo to MP4 for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 playing

Summary: Tricks for transfer movies/tv shows from TiVo to Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 for playing back by converting TiVo files to Galaxy Tab 2 h.624-compliant MP4 videos.

Competitively priced against the $200 Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet, the 7.0-inch Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (running Android 4.0) has come to us. The Tab 2 has a 1024 x 600 TFT display, which is good without being particularly exciting. It has great viewing angles and gets pretty bright, all these make Galaxy Tab 2 rock for watching videos. However, if you have recorded lots of TiVo shows and have tried to download those TiVo files to Galaxy Tab 2 for enjoying, you will find playback is a blue moon.


To get TiVo videos work normally on Galaxy Tab 2, you may have to do some work in advance. I mean you may have to encode TiVo files to Galaxy Tab 2 compatible formats along with some help from a 3rd-party tool. If you looking for an easy to use, I've had success using Pavtube Video Converter for coverting TiVo videos for Galaxy Tab 2. It works very well and I haven't really had any problems. Conversion speed seems fine and the videos look excellent on the Galaxy Tab 2. It's much better TiVo's converter. TiVo's converters for mobile devices are terrible.

The process is very easy, here I would throw this quick tutorial up on how to transfer recorded TiVo shows to Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 for playing back with best HD video quality.

Part 1: Transfer TV recordings from TiVo box to your PC

To start, please make sure you have installed TiVo Desktop Software on your computer, and your TiVo box is connected to your home network. And you can access the instructions on how to transfer TiVo file to PC from their website.

Part 2: Convert TiVo TV shows to Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 compatible video format

1) Asumming you have downloaded the top TiVo Converter for Galaxy Tab 2 to your PC the first step is to add your transferred TV shows into it.

(Notice: Enter the Media Access Key of your TiVo recordings into the "Open > TiVo" of the program to quickly import your TiVo recordings.)


2) Choose output profile for the Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Here I recommend you "Samsung >> Samsung Galaxy Tab H.264(*.mp4)". This profile works for Galaxy Tab 2 7.0.

Below is the best format settings per my experience: (Click "Settings" button to set the video/audio parameters for the best Galaxy Tab 2 movie format)

Codec- H.264
Resolution- 1024×600 (Full-screen)
Bitrate- 1000/1500kbps
Framerate- 30fps

Codec- AAC
Sampling rate- 44.1khz
Bitrate- 160kbps
Channel- stereo

For watching videos on the Android-based Tablet, 1000~1500kbps is just all right. I find that bitrate higher results in big file size, and lower visible quality loss.

3) Convert TiVo to H.264 MP4 for Galaxy Tab 2 by clicking on "Convert" on the top Galaxy Tab 2 Video Converter's main interface.

Once the conversion completes, get the converted TiVo files from the default output folder, you can quickly copy them on your Galaxy Tab 2 by using a USB cable. So there you have it. Now you can start enjoying viewing recorded TiVo shows on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 as you want.
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