Compatible High Capacity Magenta HP 920XL (With Chip)

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Compatible High Capacity Magenta HP 920XL (With Chip)

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Product Description

Manufacturer Part No.:CD973AE, HP CD973AE, 920XL,
Colour: High Capacity Magenta
Duty Cycle: Approx. 700 pages @ 5% average coverage
Product Type: Ink Cartridge
Brand: Non Branded

Allowing you to print even more with less effort, the HP 920XL ink cartridge is a great choice for your HP printer because of it's high capacity capabilities. Designed by HP, the HP CD975AE ink cartridge is specially made and carefully constructed and tested so that your HP 920XL ink cartridge does not cause any unnecessary errors and gives you reliable and consistent results well into the HP 920XL ink cartridge's life. Containing black ink, the HP 920XL ink cartridge's high capacity capability allows you to create more prints without having to replace the HP 920XL ink cartridge thus making printing much more convenient.

Production of raw materials: All HP 920XL ink of company used by the U.S. imported environmental quality raw materials to produce the ink has not degenerate, no precipitation, not easy to Ken color characteristics;
Production process: The company produces ink printer inkjet characteristics according to the different types of refined after the corresponding component and chroma adjustment and rigorous scientific process;
Material handling: all materials have to undergo a rigorous purification before production every process within the standard purification workshop, put an end to the ink because of external dust;
Soldering cartridge: cartridge used by the U.S. imported ultrasonic welding equipment production from the cartridge case is completely sealed, never appear Loumo blending phenomenon;
Purification ink: ink before filling after 1um 0.5um 0.2 um three strict filter to completely eliminate the phenomenon of clogging the print head;
Vacuum Guanmo: Box Germany advanced universal filling equipment, accurate filling in the vacuum state, in order to ensure that each product Print bright colors, realistic;
The imported sponge: cartridge German professional inkjet sponge, this sponge has a balanced hydrophilic and excellent ink absorption properties, to achieve a high level of absorption, storage the ink control ink flow speed and flow, to ensure sufficient capacity ink, ink fluency;
Quality Assurance: The ink cartridges have a very strong chemical stability, the cartridge processing in completely sterile, constant temperature environment, which will effectively ensure the retention of the ink cartridge in more than two years

Compatible High Capacity Magenta HP 920XL (With Chip)

HP 920XL Cartridge using tips:

1. After the long-distance transport of cartridges, road bumps or human Throw may cause the ink cartridge compartment the gas required standing for some time and then installed on the machine, if not eager to use it is recommended that the ink supply port Lay save.
2. For immediate use, hand-held cartridge will be out of the mouth of ink down firmly thrown a few, so the air discharged cartridge to ensure the ink flowing smoothly.
3.Replacement cartridges, clean the print head before it runs out of the original ink cartridges.
4.If disconnection or lack of color, so that the cartridge in the print cartridge stay 20-30 minutes. If the printing problem persists, unobstructed detection print 1-3 times until the print head according to the printer user manual.
5. Before the ink is used up, please do not remove from the printer cartridge.
6. Printers per week for at least boot time, to prevent clogging of the print head.
7. After opening the Cartridges, in the six months run out, to ensure the best print results.
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