China youth championship in become Volvo newly crowned champ

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China youth championship in become Volvo newly crowned champ

Postby gall » Fri Apr 13, 2012 1:57 pm

China youth championship in become Volvo newly crowned champions, shortly after he became his country's trial players, and national systemic training, for he in 2012 on the China open for Volvo, provided most of faith. Asked his preparation, he said: "I'm going to bring in the practice, this week, I in kunming game, through the game, keep their competitive state, also let their psychological quality better able to tackle the tough competition test titleist ap2 712 irons. 14. I will be ready to warm up to tianjin. My ball very resistant to the wind, hope through the practice, and find the way to conquer stadium. Although Peter wear design will be very difficult, but the stadium will be a solution."
Actually, this is not the first time achievers have in the mountains, but compared with 2012 Volvo China open to him will be more. "Although I won't stage fright, instead, the audience, the more my state is the better. But this is the European tour, I can't guarantee the ball wide open on Thursday, hand will shiver. But I believe I will adapt themselves to the contest atmosphere titleist ap2 irons. If have a chance and a short bar good player from the tournament game, trip will be more let me finish, this but a closer look at the top player of the swing, learning, I don't want to best chance to miss."
In his father's achievers mountains under the enlightenment, nine, begin to contact golf, the lowest number for 68 stem rod. He is very appreciate this year the winner of the American masters)-Watson, like his happy behavior and optimistic attitude. In addition to golf, mountains, rivers and other ball games achievers of well, for example, basketball, ice hockey, table tennis (the Po), etc. And he also likes to read mental aspects of the book callaway diablo edge irons, and the electronic knowledge interested.Father did not give him the Volvo China open the default any goal. However, achievers mountains and laugh that if do qualify, "dad give prizes certainly will be very abundantly. However, this time the binhai lake trip, will become the road of high achievers mountains and a milestone moment.
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