Cheapest henhouse ventilation equipment

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Cheapest henhouse ventilation equipment

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Cheapest henhouse ventilation equipment

Recall the circumstances at the time, Laura said, She collapsed, and doctors discovered her cancer has spread. Although accepted mastectomy, but Laura's cancer is spread to the liver. doctor told Laura that they have incompetent and weak, only for her chemotherapy to delay as much as possible. Laura decided to tolerate the grief the last time, spend more time with their children, often they go out and play area and lots of pictures, hoping to give them after he left more than leave some good memories. 9-year-old Linzi, however, refused to give up, in Laura during the seven months of Pig Farm Ventilation chemotherapy, she wrote to her mother every day, think hard, encouraged her brave fight with the disease do not easily admit defeat. One wrote a letter, hereby letter, I will moved to tears every day I received her letter into a powerful spiritual pillar, they really dim light of my life, re-ignited almost engulfed my life. my hair because of chemotherapy have gone out, she gave me strength to carry on. condition must be further deteriorated. And doctors, however, pleasantly surprised that Laura is her body of cancer cells has been omitted. Laura said, dared to believe, that this is definitely considered a miracle, I relieved, can not help but a cry. Bo hot (edit: SN026)
statement: Sina posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.

Lovely Yi Ching unfortunately suffer the PKU News newspaper Xuchang pair of bright eyes, chubby face, charming smile, the girl in front of is a small beauty. However, she is a PKU patients. PKU is phenylketonuria, the incidence rate of 1 / 7000 or so. Yesterday, in Xuchang city, the reporter saw the unfortunate illness of Lang Yi Qing. good girl suffering from strange diseases the northern section of an urban Wenfeng than 20 square meters large hut, Na Li Peng a low stool to sit on the side pulled a cardboard box, a bag from the inside out, and rice noodles. 31-year-old Peng Li Na looks a little haggard, talking about her daughter's things, she wiped tears. she and her Workshop Cooling System husband, who lives in Xiangcheng County Dingying Xiang Xiaowei Lang Lang Yi Ching is their only one daughter. Shortly after her daughter was born, she found the child's golden hair, urine, there is a rat urine odor, very pungent. Two years old, daughter was only learned to walk, but unable to speak, intelligence is low compared with peers. Worried about the child's physical development problems, the couple with children has to Xuchang, Zhengzhou and other places around a doctor, the doctor suspected the child was suffering from PKU disease, but has not been confirmed. Last year, Jinan City, Shandong Province, MCH diagnosis, 4-year-old Lang Yi Ching is a classic PKU patients.

Expensive Xiangcheng County from rural to urban Xuchang, rented houses in the northern section of Wenfeng stay, the daughter to a nearby rehabilitation school. special low-protein foods such as rice her, a bag of 1 kg of flour, 30 yuan; bag of 1 kg of rice $ 48 bag of 450 grams of protein powder, 300 yuan. These allow her daughter to eat special food, spend at least 2,000 yuan a month, plus rehabilitation of schools, 1,000 yuan tuition, a child will cost 3,000 yuan a month. Home on several acres of Workshop Ventilation Equipment land, the family income by this point, simply can not afford the heavy financial burden of raising her daughter disease it, the family can not afford, it died, the child is of life, and so lovely. illness relief embarrassed In addition, she and her husband also applied for ill children relief. But it is disappointing that the serious illness of staff, said aid agencies, local governments because the disease is not included in the scope of illness relief, rural cooperative medical claims can not, they can not help.

Lang Yi Qing's condition, the local media has caused widespread concern in the community. Xuchang City Mayor Zhang Guohui given instructions to the relevant departments to give support and help as much as possible. commissioned by Mayor Zhang Guohui, Xuchang City Civil Affairs Bureau official with 3000 yuan relief funds to Xiaoyi sunny home, to see this poor child. Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau official immediately said it would link with the county civil affairs departments Xiangcheng, as soon as Greenhouse Cooling System they strive for temporary assistance payments to help them solve the immediate difficulties, and hope Xiaoyi sunny peace of mind cure, for a speedy recovery. PKU phenylketonuria full name, the body lacks an enzyme, not like normal metabolism of protein and phenylpropanoid acid, the accumulation of phenylalanine in the body, it will cause brain damage. If not controlled, the child will one day become silly. And protein, and phenylalanine all the food, the diet of such patients are taboo. Daily eat chicken, duck, fish, meat and other delicious, these patients can not enjoy, but only by Thus, PKU patients, also known as the It is understood that the disease is not yet completely cured, only controlled by diet or drug treatment, usually to control the diet to 16 years, the best diet for life.

Ganchang Yan cards with home made ??all kinds of idle waste storage boxes . Reporters Fan Yuanzhi photo News newspaper on November 14 cards can be made of waste storage box , tissue box . Today, Correspondents in Furong District, Changsha Nanyang Street Community House Backstreet street saw a girl ingenuity. Nanyang Street in the community room , a young girl picked up an old cloth , simply folded a few times, turned into a beautiful butterfly , and then glue the card , a to make a bow . Girl Greenhouse Ventilation System named Ganchang Yan , Nanyang Street community residents , she is the protagonist of today , will be made ??of various materials used poker is her a few old cards , the edge into the storage box , and then the thumb and index finger against the pressure to the middle of playing cards , poker has been pressure to uplift . are taken away, and think of another way to make these cards a household , and friends back home .
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