can we customize the non-indeterminate progressBar

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can we customize the non-indeterminate progressBar

Postby guian » Tue Apr 07, 2009 8:39 am

Everything is in the title I'd like to modify the progressBar (or the seekBar) to avoid the orange color,
in order to make the bar fit in my App well.

I've got the same question about a textfield: when it get the focus, can we avoid to see this orange line around it?

I didn't look for the textfield, but for the seek/progress Bars I couldn't find anything but to change the drawable in indeterminate mode... :?

To change the color could be a very good thing... (this orange is not very... don't you agree with it ?)

ok I'm waiting your answers guys ;)

et comme on dit chez nous : merci d'avance!
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