Can I change the layout dynamically to layout-es

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Can I change the layout dynamically to layout-es

Postby sumitvyas13 » Wed Aug 26, 2009 10:21 pm

I am trying to change my forms entirely to spanish language and I am not succeding in it.

I have three class files and have three xml layouts in the res/layout. All the xml files residing in res/layout are having forms in english language and I am trying to create another folder namely layout-es for spanish and copy all the xml files from layout to layout-es and change them to spanish language and based on the custom language selected in the emulator my application should display forms in English and Spanish. I am trying to use the same trick which I used to change my <string> strings. But for the layouts my forms are always displayed in English even after the custom local language to be Spanish.

Attached is my project file.
Can you guys please help it is important.
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