[Resolved] Camera button in emulator on Mac?

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[Resolved] Camera button in emulator on Mac?

Postby deradam » Sun Mar 29, 2009 10:41 pm

Hi guys,

(first post, awesome community!)

I want to fire the camera button in the emulator to get back to my app. Looking at the documentation (android v1.1) is says: Ctrl-KEYPAD_5, Ctrl-F3

I am using a Mac Book Pro (the latest one). Ctrl-F3 does not work for me, and yes, I have turned the F-keys on, not the function keys and I have also deactivated the keyboard shortcut for Ctrl-F3.

Any suggestions? CTRL-F12 is working perfect (Landscape and back).

[Update] The shortcut still does not work, but the trick is very simple. To take a picture you have to press the main button (the one in the middle of the pad, surrounded by the arrow keys, up, down, left and right)!

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