Bryant 40 points Lakers tragic three-game losing streak

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Bryant 40 points Lakers tragic three-game losing streak

Postby huangyu456 » Sat Nov 03, 2012 9:41 am

new jordans Lakers 95-105 defeat to city rivals the Clippers, the first time in 34 years, start a three-game losing streak. Steve Nash - out injured - Kobe Bryant scored 40 points and grabbed six rebounds, but still to no avail. Dwight - Howard into foul trouble, had 13 points, eight rebounds and five blocked shots, Paul - Pau Gasol 10 points and 14 rebounds. The Clippers Liangzhanliangsheng. - Chris Paul scored 18 points, 15 assists, six rebounds and three steals, Blake - Griffin last minute guilty out, had 15 points and eight rebounds, 14 points and Caron Butler - 6 rebounds. Off the bench Jamal - Crawford 21 points, Eric - Bledsoe 10. The last time the Lakers a three-game losing streak was in 1978, "Magic" Johnson joined the previous year. Luxury lineup of the new season, the Lakers did not play a role, after two straight sets today to face the Clippers, they still do not have a sense of urgency.

New jordans 2013 This is a black and white "Warcraft" contest. Prior to the three grips, Howard per game was 25.7 points, 14 rebounds, hit rate of 66.7%. Griffin is an average of 18.3 points per game and 12.7 rebounds, hit rate of only 45.7%. Howard for the club, the new season will be more to grips with Griffin, but Howard into foul trouble early in the game today, the first half with only 5 points. Lakers pace was slow old problem can not be solved, less Nash worse. After the opening, they soon 5-9 behind Howard twice scored twice to narrow the gap to two points, but it is to eat a second foul and had to end up ahead of the rest. Clippers inside and outside the flowering, Paul-thirds vote, leading 16-9. Bryant had to come forward, continue to hit the basket, and the first section, he had 14 points for Houston, the Lakers 23-28 disadvantage. In the second quarter, the Lakers Jiujiang freak Barnes and Odom have succeeded, the Clippers 36-26 expand advantage. Blake hit a record third, the Clippers offensive was stopped. This section there are 6 minutes and 33 seconds, Ci Shiping perimeter given the opportunity, decisive shot hit the third, the Lakers only 35-40 behind. Bryant this section 3 missed shots, and did not score again, while the Clippers bench amazing Crawford play after consecutive hits in turn extended the advantage to double digits. The Lakers finally narrow the gap to two points, in this section there are 19.8 seconds, Ebanks hit third, only 47-49 behind. Butler hit a record pointer by the Cavaliers, Clippers a five-point advantage into the second half. Too many mistakes is the biggest trouble of the Lakers last game 23 times, today the first three quarters, they also reached 15.

Jordans 2013 Nevertheless, the Lakers once to close the gap, then Iraqi Banks pass in the third quarter and 4 minutes and 11 seconds, Howard dunk, the Lakers only parameter 63-67 backward. Did not last long, however, the Jordan dunk immediately fired back, despite his three consecutive free throws missed, the Lakers still did not seize the opportunity. Paul and Griffin have been hit, the Clippers scored eight points to widen the gap again to 75-63. The Clippers was leading by 16 points, 82-67 to enter the last one. Bryant desperation had strong play, the fourth quarter hit three goals in less than 2 minutes, a 6-0, will recover as the score 73-82. Alone Bryant apparently to no avail, the Lakers' defense emerging vulnerability score Clippers easily. Competition also 42.5 seconds, Bryant hit two free throws, the Lakers will be chasing the score into a 91-99, but it was too late. Bryant then leave, give up this game, accept the three-game losing streak. The last time the Lakers their third straight, Bryant was born two months.
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