Android Project Set Up in Eclipse Juno Failed

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Android Project Set Up in Eclipse Juno Failed

Postby ted_gress » Mon Sep 17, 2012 4:53 am

I have the ADT, Eclipse Juno, and the Adroid SDK (16) installed. When I try to create a new android project in Eclipse the wizard tells me that the proiject depends on the SDK 8 as a minimum and it is unavailable. I have tried setting the minimum to SDK 15 but ithe error still persists. I also tried installing 8 through the SDK manager but still no change. Ive tried reinstalling everything as well and still get that error. I cannot get past this error to create the project.

The exact error is:

This template requires the Android Support Library, which is either not installed or the template depends on a more
recent version than the one you have installed.

Required Version: 8
Installed Version: Not Installed

You can install it by clicking the button below, or alternatively install it from outside eclipse with the SDK Manager and choose check again to proceed.

I try installing it from the SDK Manager, but it is not listed among any of the packages available for download/install.

I've tried this several times with different combinations of navigation types and different version of the SDK and it always gives me the same error.

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