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android (create | update) lib-project

Postby QED » Tue Jun 22, 2010 10:24 pm


I want to create a single android library project that contains more than one java package. The tools don't seem to allow this, but the only real difference I can see is in the AndroidManifest.xml file...

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%>android create lib-project --package com.example.package1 --path /Projects/LibProjects --name project2
%>android create lib-project --package com.example.package2 --path /Projects/LibProjects --name project1
%>diff -r project1 project2
diff -r project1/AndroidManifest.xml project2/AndroidManifest.xml
<       package="com.example.package1"
>       package="com.example.package2"

I have not yet tried to simply add a ~/src/com/example/project2. Any ideas or experience?

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