Amateur players rarely return to masters by way of songshan

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Amateur players rarely return to masters by way of songshan

Postby gall » Tue Apr 03, 2012 2:02 pm

For some amateur players can play for an American masters have good enough. To be sure, they want to go back, but even if not success, they are also would survive. The tree of songshan (Hideki Matsuyama) with different mentality, when last fall in Singapore for Asia championships have shown when amateur come out. The Japanese guy a year before in Tokyo suburb has won a time, he gained the first piece of Augusta tickets with mizuno jpx 800 irons. In Singapore, he again succeed.
"I'm very eager to return to Augusta." Z., the tree said, "so amateur championships from Asia the first day, I will concentrate on our own game." It is this focus help he again won the masters invitation.Indeed, Augusta memory is always good mizuno mp 69 irons. Last year, the tree hand over 287 songshan round rod, one rod under par, get tied for 27 name, and mikkelsen, matt-check, Paul's library of special grade players equal terms. At the same time, he is also the only one get the promotion of an amateur.
The tree therefore songshan won the silver cup for the coveted ten thousand people, and has accumulated rich experience. That experience ultimately help the northeast welfare university (Tohoku Fukusi) students won a day tour, and to successfully defend the amateur championships in Asia.Of course, 2011 years for the tree is quite songshan not easy, because he carry a heavy heart to fight the us masters. A month ago, his country, suffered the serious destruction of the earthquake and tsunami. Among them, his university XianTaiShi is located toll mizuno mx 1000 irons, his bedroom also is bad shake. In the United States during the masters, he passionately talking about the human tragedy, and said the golf is he find comfort in place. "I concentrate on playing golf, I hope I can continue good grades, encourage the people of the motherland." He said.
The trees lead to thousands of songshan said people died, tens of thousands of people homeless earthquake and tsunami still weighed on his mind. "Although has passed a year, you can still see disaster." He said, "so I am to like you did last year, once again, playing well, once again, to encourage the Japanese people."
Two amateur championship of Asia the first two rounds of songshan tree will and his compatriots ShiChuan liao group stages. The tree said he and songshan compatriots talked a lot Augusta stadium things. "I hear from him the many good things, especially about the pole position." Z., the tree said, "this is my second time to attend the masters mizuno mp 58 irons, can get his advice is good."
The tree said he hit songshan practice round to feel nervous, although this is the second time that he came here. "I don't know why." He said, "I am nervous."
But the tree songshan expects his can play again. In the first part of the masters asked do not, and this year he sure to do have something, he answered: "many training." If with that in mind, the third time to believe that he will participate in the U.S. masters.
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