A problem about post data from pc to emulator

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A problem about post data from pc to emulator

Postby writermen » Mon Mar 29, 2010 2:15 pm

I'm a student and doing my android program.there is a problem when I doing the translation from pc to emulator

1.the pc is the client(call C),the emulator is the server(call S,listen to 7766 port)
2. set up network redirections on the PC. Clients can then post the data to 7766 port on the pc, while adb will forward the data to the 7766 port in emulator.
telnet telnet localhost 5554
add udp:7766:7766

I post the data with udp,and when the udp packet is larger than 8193byte,the emulator can't receive the data.

I have test in the real device(G2),everything is all right.So I think the problem is the adb forwarding function limiting the forwarding packet size,if the size is larger than 8193kb,the data will not be forward.

So,I want to modify the forwarding function,But I can't find any useful data.
is anyone can help me?Thanks very much
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