A Cue launch trailer above

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A Cue launch trailer above

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A Cue launch trailer above

Watch Insidious Chapter 2 Online One of the reasons there's a lot of hoopla surrounding Titanfall is because it's designed by the makers of the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. After Project Icebreaker the original heads at Infinity Ward left to form Respawn Entertainment and have their first title funded under the Electronic Arts publishing label. Many gamers, enthusiast and developers alike feel as if Titanfall could be the Call of Duty killer that so many other studios have tried creating over the years. And the one platform who controls a Call of Duty killer is the one platform that will control them all.

Watch Escape Plan Online However, if Titanfall is not exclusive to the Xbox (and PC) brand then all hope for an early competitive edge on Microsoft's part is completely and entirely lost by 100%. Things really kicked it into high-gear when it was also found out that Titanfall wasn't Windows 8 exclusive and that Windows 7/Vista gamers could rejoice. If the game wasn't exclusive to Windows 8 and wasn't exclusive to Xbox consoles, it begged gamers to question if perhaps Titanfall wasn't exclusive to Microsoft at all?

Watch Carrie Online I would be more than happy to accept any of those options. But somehow I think Raimi will have something even more wonderfully outlandish planned. It wasn’t long ago when Campbell was talking about how watching Evil Dead movies was more fun than making them. Let’s all thank our lucky stars that he never completely gave up on it. Hold your boomsticks high and relive Army of Darkness with the trailer below and share your opinion in our admittedly subjective poll. It would appear that Tim Burton is feeling very nostalgic these days. Last year he directed feature adaptations of both his favorite show as a kid (Dark Shadows) and one of his early short films (Frankenweenie) and now there are reports that he's in talks to direct a sequel to one of his earliest hits. Following up on rumors that we heard last night, The Wrap is now reporting that Burton is negotiating a deal that will have him back in the director's chair to make Beetlejuice 2,

Watch 12 Years a Slave Online Those who know their Burton history know that this actually isn't the first time that the director has been close to making a Beetlejuice sequel. Though it sounds like a joke, in 1990 Burton actually started working on a movie called Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian, which would see the Deetz family moving to the island state so that the father, Charles, could develop a resort that winds up being on the burial ground of a Hawaii sorcerer (the story concludes when Beetlejuice wins a surf contest using magic and saves the day). Both Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder were attached to star, but the director wound up getting distracted by Batman Returns and never came back to the project.

Watch The Fifth Estate Online From start to finish the trailer rims the brim with stuff that you would imagine as being part of a boardroom discussion where a clueless thirty-something marketing executive says “We need a trailer that captures the edgy excitement of today's youth generation. What's something that'll have them talking on all the social media outlets?” and there's this proverbial response that spearheaded what we see in the launch trailer above... “Explosions! Kids love things that blow up... just look at Transformers – and oh yeah, that movie with George Clooney and Sandra Bullock in space – let's include a clip of some explosions in space. Kids love space and kids love explosions and both of those make a lot of money!”

Cue launch trailer above. Ever since the reveal at this year's E3 during the Xbox One conference, a lot of gamers wondered whether Titanfall would maintain exclusivity to the Xbox brand (and PC) or whether or not the game would make the leap over to the Sony camp on the PS4 (or heck, if it's on the Xbox 360 and if Nintendo and EA get their relationship repaired we might even see it on the Wii U, especially since it has more 1080p 60fps games than the competition.) Raimi and Campbell have been teasing a fourth E.D. film almost as far back as Army of Darkness itself, and it became a regular occurrence some years back once Raimi was in the middle of his Spider-Man era. It always seemed like something of a pipe dream before, but the project now has theoretical legs to stand on. The Evil Dead series gained a lot of new fans this year with the release of Fede Alvarez’s more horrific remake of the first film, and sequel rumors for that flick began almost immediately. This could hypothetically mean that there's a future where two different Evil Dead follow-ups could be coming out within months of one another. And since all three of Raimi’s films in the series were completely different – even though the second film is essentially an absurdity-filled remake of the first – there’s almost no way to tell what kind of a film Army of Darkness 2 could be. Will it take place during the Revolutionary War? Will Ash fight witches in Salem? Will this just be a shot-for-shot remake of Raimi’s Drag Me to Hell with Campbell inserted into the storyline?
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