Top Free Android Apps You Should Own to Change Your Voice

Top Free Android Apps You Should Own to Change Your Voice

Postby gary6540 » Wed Jan 23, 2013 12:21 pm

Do you want to give a big surprise to your family members and friends with a strange and cute voice? At some parties, you may have considered making horrible voice to play tricks on your friends and try to fool them. Now the Android Changing-voice apps will help you realize those ideas! The following apps are all free and help you record your voice easily and make lots of effects for your voice!

Simple Voice Changer
This app is simple to use for anyone! It not only allows to record voices of yourself and your friends with your Android devices, but also helps you change the voice with funny effects, such as Evil, Alien, Chipmunk, Robot, Slow, Helium, Deep, Reverse, Talk into Fan, Robot Mouse and Echo effect. In addition, you can share the effects with friends via e-mail/instant messenger, and even save and store them as a favorite for later playback or a ringtone!

Ultra Voice Changer
The Ultra Voice Changer records and changes your voice with more different details and effects. When recording, the audio rates for recording includes: 44100 stereo, 22050 stereo, 11025 stereo, 44100 mono, 22050 mono, 11025 mono, 48000 stereo, 48000 mono, 8000 mono. So you can select one recording mode to work best for your devices and make normal voice effects! Of course, email and save the voice effects are also available for users!

Best Voice Changer
This app is a little different from above apps. All basic functions of changing-voice apps are supported, for example, record and change your voice to popular effects like cat, robot, echo and even women and men’s voice. What’s more, you can add background sounds like airport and crowd, which will make your voice sound as if you were on a plane.

Change my Voice
It is one of good and simple voice apps that record and change your voice. Voice effects like chorus, echo, chipmunk, cat, robot, child, megaphone, several women’s and men’s voices are all access to users. By the way, you even can change your speech speed.

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