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Postby gevrik » Sun Nov 01, 2009 11:24 pm


Zombieworld is a simple adventure game for Android mobile phones that I made for Halloween 2009.

You play a survivor in a zombie invasion. The objective is to survive as long as possible. Every game is randomly generated so no round will be the same.

The game will be updated daily with new encounters and features. A multi-player version is planned for a future release.

Feel free to suggest new features, encounters. CC welcome.

Zombieworld Project Page
Zombieworld Twitter
Zombieworld Forum
Zombieworld Source (coming soon)


Click on INV to see your inventory.
Click on RUN to move to next encounter.

In combat encounters, choose an attack style:

AGGressive / NORmal / WITty / SNeaKy / DEFesnsive

Different styles will be better for different encounters.

Or click on INV to use an item.


v 1.1 (11/01/2009)

*removed defensive button from attack screens
*added four new combat messages
*added a simple loot system
*added a website option to the main menu
*added inventory button to breathing space
*added five new encounters
*reworked combat system - 5 options now, zombies will use different options too

v 1.0 (10/31/2009)

Release version
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