Yet Another Zombie Shooter [Game]

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Yet Another Zombie Shooter [Game]

Postby narfman0 » Thu Jun 03, 2010 11:48 pm

Hi all!

I recently released Yet Another Zombie Shooter. FYI It's a dollar so pay-for haters can save themselves a couple minutes by exiting now (if they wish). It's just a mindless point and click massacre, if you wouldn't mind entertaining my description:

Shotgun smite attack the undead hordes as they seek to slay you by consuming your face! More zombies come as time goes on - yet untold shotgun power ups yield the key to salvation! Left thumb stick to guide character, touch screen to fire.

* Touch-screen zombie annihilation awesomeness
* Upgrades increasing rate of fire by~10%
* Zombies have 1.5% chance to drop a power-up
* Time scaled difficulty - longer survival means more zombies
* Up to 100 zombies onscreen at once to make your trigger finger happy
* Simple scoring

I figure if there's much interest I'll update it with some features. Possible upgrades include:

* Better difficulty scaling
* Zombie pwning noises eg death groans (death... again?)
* New guns
* Speed tweaks (why only have 100 zombies when you can have 200?)
* Options to change the game vars (like how fast zombies turn, how fast they move, how fast players move, etc)
* Other ideas below?

If you guys have any suggestions, that'd be great. Time permitting I'd like to cater to whatever is desired.


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