[FREE] Wreck Road

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[FREE] Wreck Road

Postby ugotstuffed » Thu Aug 22, 2013 8:44 pm


Please check out my new app on the google play store: Wreck Road

You are a racing driver and have been driving for the mob, they set you up and now the cops are after you. A driving based distance game, can you break though and outrun them?
In this launch/distance game, complete stunts to unlock new upgrades that can be purchased in order to make your vehicle capable of outrunning the police and the mob. This game features a variety of upgrades and makes use of the accelerometer to control your vehicle.
- Tilt screen to steer.
- Tap the screen to hit the brakes and ram into enemy cars.
- Tap the stunt tracker to cycle through the current stunts.
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