Windows 8 Metro Launcher

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Windows 8 Metro Launcher

Postby myfknoll » Sat Apr 27, 2013 4:28 pm

Hej there,

i finally released a stable version of my Windows 8 Metro Launcher. ... 8.launcher


In my opinition, this is the most beatiful Metro launcher for Android in the Playstore. If not, please tell me..
This is work needed a lot of time, and it is still in development. So if you like this, you can support me by buying the Pro version ...

The difference to the PRO version is that you can add unlimited Apps to the screen. The BETA is limited to 25 Apps.
Also in the PRO you will be lead directly to the Appstore, in the Beta you will see an overview of my other Apps ^^.

Hope you enjoy it. And please provide feedback to improve this project.
My software never has bugs, it just develops random features
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