Widget balance — looking somebody from USA or UK

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Widget balance — looking somebody from USA or UK

Postby pilgr » Wed Oct 20, 2010 12:42 pm

Hello developers!

Who are from USA or UK? I need some help to improve my application. I'd like to add support for your mobile operators.

Now I develop simple and usefull balance widget, for checking balance on mobile operator. It's free.

Now I have beta version, wich succesfully used in Russia and Ukraine. It available on market - piBalance.

Application uses sms for reguest balance and listen sms response with available amount on you account.

I looking somebody, who can take me some info about USA mobile operators (Verizon, AT&T etc) or UK. How I can request balance via SMS? Wich address (number) I should use to send sms-request, wich text of request and address for listen response?

For example -
Code: Select all
request to 5433 with text BALANCE, and receive 'Balance $5.54' from 5500 number

Current screenshot with supported operators (carriers)

Now I have similary info for Vodafone UK
Code: Select all
Text 'Balance' to 2345
. Who can check it?

Not all mobile operators support this feature (balance request via sms). But I hope, most of biggest operators support this.
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