Wallpaper Changer application

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Wallpaper Changer application

Postby faynasoftlabs » Fri Oct 02, 2009 11:11 am

Hello. I want to introduce our new version of application.

Wallpaper Changer - is a useful wallpaper scheduler application that allows automated wallpaper scheduling with timer.
This tool has user friendly interface.

User can select when need to change image and select type of changing:

* Twice per day
* Once per day
* Once per week - in this menu user should also select a day
* Custom

After, user can preview images in Wallpaper gallery. After starting gallery, program automatically selects image which is used as wallpaper. The name corresponds to the name of the selected image. Also here is possibility to change order of wallpaper changing – in order or random (default). If image is clicked, then showing dialog which allows to Save image on SDCard, Set image as wallpaper, Delete image from program. If user deletes all wallpaper, program has possibility to restore default of them, by clicking Restore default images.

File Manager allows selecting new image for preview.

Image preview has menu items which allow to Add image to the program, Rename image, Delete image from SDCard.

If user want to add image which is in not correct size (preferred is 640x480) then Add image dialog will propose to resize image automatically.

In image preview user can navigate from one to other image by clicking right or left keys. If need to navigate to other image, then need to click appropriated key which represent first letter of image name (for example snow.jpg need to click s or S). This feature also implemented in Wallpaper gallery.

Program has possibility to feedback sending from About view (Email client required).

Application starts by clicking Start on Main Menu for stop need to click Stop.

Wallpaper Changer - is completely automatic. When user deletes an image or changes type of changing or time it automatically load these settings and next change will work correct without any problem, user should not stop and start application manually after changing any settings. If the application was working when the phone is switched off, after starting the phone the program will start automatically.

Details and screenshots:
http://sites.google.com/site/faynasoftl ... er-changer

Application is not free, it costs $0.99.

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